Moving away from home to go to university tends to be an exciting time for teenagers and a time of high anxiety for their parents. If your teen is going to be renting private accommodation rather than staying in university halls of residence, you may have additional concerns about their safety, such as whether their landlord will keep appliances well-maintained and in safe working order.

A common concern is fire safety, but you can ease your fears by gifting your teen a couple of fire extinguishers. They're probably not going to thank you, and they're not the most exciting gift, but they are essential pieces of equipment that rented properties often lack. Even if your teen's new home does have a fire extinguisher, you may not be sure that it has been serviced regularly and appropriately maintained.

Having 2 types

Using the wrong type of fire extinguisher can make certain fires worse, but you only need two types for common fires that occur in the home. A dry chemical powder fire extinguisher has a white band for ease of identification and can be safely used to extinguish fires started with carbon-based materials, flammable liquids and electricity. In the home, carbon-based materials include textiles, plastic, paper and wood, while flammable liquids include wax, paint and kerosene. Common sources of electrical fires in the home include hair straighteners, toasters, electric blankets and microwaves.

A wet chemical fire extinguisher, which has an oatmeal band for identification, should be kept in the kitchen to tackle fires started with cooking oil or fat. These extinguishers are available as small canisters that can hang on the wall or fit easily into a kitchen cupboard.

Maintaining Your Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers may not work properly and can jam when they are damaged or corroded, so it's important to ensure your teen has theirs serviced at least annually. The pressure gauge, seals, cylinder, nozzle and valve will all be checked during a service. The extinguishers will also be checked for UV degradation, and the safety seal will be removed to allow the extinguisher to be tested. Once tested, the seal will be replaced and the extinguishers will be cleaned. Talk with a company that offers fire extinguisher services if you have more questions.

Your teen might have been hoping for a new TV or dining set from you, but gifting them fire extinguishers when they move out will keep them safe when they try and replicate some of the home cooked meals they're bound to miss.