If you're planning to move into a new house soon, one of the things that should be on your checklist is an appointment for an antenna installation. After all, you want to be able to sit back, relax, and watch some TV immediately once you're settled in your new location. Below, learn more about getting your TV antenna installation after moving in.

What your TV antenna installer can do for you:

Antenna installation

The installer will install a new antenna on the roof and connect the cabling to your TV. This will ensure that you receive clear images when watching TV.

TV mounting

The antenna installer can also mount your flat TV on the wall. This adds great aesthetics to your living room and offers you multiple viewing angles for maximum satisfaction. TV mounting also saves you the need to have a TV stand in the first place.

Home theatre installation

If you have a home theatre system, your TV antenna installer can install the system on your behalf. This entails connecting the system to your TV, mounting the speakers in position, installing the connecting wiring, and tuning the sound settings.

Set-top box connection

If you would like to enjoy premium content on your TV, the installer can also connect your TV to a set top box and configure the installation settings for you.

Why you should seek the services of an antenna installer when moving in:

  • They can conceal connection cables and wires with ducting to leave a neat professional looking living room.
  • You will be too fatigued or preoccupied with unpacking during this time.
  • Local antenna installers know the best antennas to use in the area you've just moved into. They also know the best configurations for attaining high-quality TV signals in the area.
  • TV antenna installation can be risky especially if the mounting is taking place on a slanted roof.  
  • TV antenna installers have the needed skills and tools to install your antenna, TV mounts, set-top boxes, and home theatre cabling.

What to consider

  • Where the TV antenna should be installed, e.g. roof, wall, balcony, etc.
  • Whether to go for an analogue antenna or a digital antenna.
  • Whether to have the TV mounted on the wall or not.

Look for a TV installer in the area you're moving to ahead of time and arrange when they should come by. With great planning, you can enjoy your favourite TV channels as soon as the day you move in.