If you have a commercial freezer in your facility, or a larger freezer at home, the compressor and all other parts are probably working much harder than the parts in a small, residential freezer. In turn, the commercial freezer may fail sooner than you would expect. No matter the needed repair, it's good to have them done as quickly as possible so your freezer is always running properly and your business doesn't get interrupted. Note a few tips for diagnosing common commercial freezer problems so you know what you might face by way of repair bills.

1. Water puddles

If you notice that your freezer is leaking water out the bottom, this is often caused by a clogged or otherwise damaged drain hose. Today's freezers automatically defrost the interior, taking excess water and condensation out from the unit through a drain hose. This water is deposited into a tray where it then evaporates from the heat of the motor. If that drain hose is clogged with ice, crimped, torn, or otherwise damaged, this condensation may leak out the draining unit, leaving you with a puddle of water on the floor. Have the hose checked and replaced as needed.

2. Freezer shuts down intermittently

If the freezer shuts down intermittently, meaning it shuts off entirely but then comes back on again, this is often a problem with the power cord. If the cord is damaged, the freezer is only getting intermittent power so it will shut down when the electricity is interrupted but then start working again when the cord delivers power. Note if the power cord is showing signs of damage or wear, and have it replaced.

You might also note if there is water collecting around the unit, as mentioned above, as this can cause electrical shorts if the water reaches the cord or its connectors. As the water dries, the cord can work once again and your unit will switch on, giving you that intermittent power.

3. It doesn't get cold enough

Don't assume that your freezer needs more refrigerant, as this problem is usually caused by the condenser more often than low refrigerant levels. The condenser is what pushes that refrigerant through hoses in the unit so that it cools the air that's circulating inside the unit. If the condenser should fail, your freezer may have plenty of refrigerant, but it's not circulating properly and the air inside the unit is not getting cool. Since this condenser works so hard to circulate that air, it may fail eventually and need replacing.