Discerning the telltale symptoms that your air conditioning unit is not functioning at peak performance is crucial for you to ensure that you seek repairs before the problem is exacerbated. Some homeowners make the mistake of ignoring these signs hoping that their unit will be able to hold on until its next scheduled servicing. However, what this does is give time for the problem to get much worse and may even result in air conditioning replacement. So what are some of the repair signs from your air conditioning system that should put you on high alert?

Sudden changes in the unit's airflow

You air conditioning system is supposed to provide you with a constant stream of air that is at the temperature that you desire. If you find that the unit is emitting warmer air than usual, chances are there is another problem. Another indicator of problems would be if the volume of air coming from your unit has significantly diminished. Problems with airflow typically stem from underlying issues with your blower fan. They can also come about if your coolant levels have become compromised. It would be best to seek air conditioning repairs to restore functionality to your unit.

Sudden onset of strange smells

The air coming from your air conditioning vents should not be laced with strange smells. The type of odour that accompanies your airflow would be indicative of what the underlying issue is. For example, if you begin to experience burning smells coming from the unit, it may imply that there is a wiring problem. Alternatively, it could also mean that there are electrical fires being started within your unit. No matter the reason, it would be essential to have the smell addressed post haste.

Another weird odour that you may experience is a musty smell coming from the unit. This usually means that there is a problem with the unit's drain line and could subsequently lead to the breeding of mould in your unit. If not addressed, your air conditioning unit will start circulating mould spores around your home, posing the risk of respiratory complications for your loved ones. As such, it is prudent to ensure that any strange smells coming from your unit are identified as soon as they begin and remedied.

Sudden cycling issues

Your air conditioning unit is supposed to have its own innate scheduled cycling. This means it will automatically switch on and off depending on your individual needs. If you find that the unit has started cycling more frequently, it could mean that it is not cooling your home sufficiently. Failure to have this looked at could lead to the eventual breakdown of the unit.